Lake Chelan Sports carries a wide selection of mens, women's and children's SmartWool products, including hiking, skiing, and designer socks, hats and mittens, and baby booties. This wool is not the itchy wool of yesteryear!

You won't find better gear to keep you comfortable in all conditions than SmartWool, whether you're out tromping in rain, shine, heat or hail. It's the best fiber in the world for cold and warm, wet and dry weather use, combining comfort and performance into one versatile package.

Above all else comes the extraordinary comfort. Far from the itchy wool of yesteryear, Smartwool's fibers are luxuriously soft. They come from New Zealand's specially bred Merino sheep, whose super-fine fibers are as fit for pajamas as they are active-wear. Combine this with a production process that removes all itch and shrink and you get a layer you'll never want to take off—even after the day's journey brings you home.

But extraordinary comfort is only the beginning. The real tale lies in the fibers' performance. Over the eons Smartwool's fibers have evolved to keep our Merino sheep warm in the alpine winters and cool in the southern summers. That same natural temperature regulating process works for people as well. The secret is that each fiber harbors thousands of tiny air pockets which, like insulation in your house, act as a buffer against heat and cold. The fibers naturally regulate temperature, whether you're climbing an 8,000-meter peak or running an Arizona marathon. They keep you warm when it's cool and cool when it's hot. The fibers also move moisture faster than any other material on the planet. This means you stay drier longer and can say goodbye forever to the clamminess that comes from other materials. Unlike synthetics, which have to wait for moisture to condense before wicking it away from your skin, SmartWool's fibers are porous, allowing them to absorb vapor and transfer it before it condenses. This saves a step by letting them wick and evaporate moisture at the same time, transporting it in both liquid and vapor stages. When it's hot, this creates a mini air-conditioning unit next to your skin, transferring body heat to your apparel. When it's cold, this keeps bone-chilling moisture at bay. And our fibers even have one more trump card. As well as being the most efficient and versatile fibers on the planet, their dryness also makes them the most odor-free, free of the stink that plagues synthetics.

Of course, the sheep don't know all of this. But we do. And that's why we've parlayed it into the best line of apparel on the planet, including everything from our industry leading socks to our extraordinarily comfortable base layers. When you combine all of our fibers' unique attributes with the industry's best knitters and designers—technicians who know how to work with our wool's unique properties--you get top-quality comfort and performance in all conditions. About the only thing you don't get is the sheep itself—but you're more than welcome to visit them any time.